GDPR compliance locks up the value of Big Data.
BigPrivacy® unlocks it.
Since all major companies rely on Big Data for analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, it's critical that companies now start to enable compliance in a way that protects and increases the irreplaceable value of their big data assets.

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  • Anonos Presentation on GDPR Big Data Analayics at IAPP Global Privacy Summit (#GPS17)
  • Hintze/LaFever White Paper
  • IAPP-Anonos GDPR Big Data Webinar
  • IAPP-Anonos (follow-up to Webinar) Industry FAQs
  • GDPR Big Data FAQs
  • IAPP Conference Exhibit Booth 2-Pager

  • IAPP/Anonos Webinar

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) prohibits many uses of Big Data. You must stop using Big Data for analytics, machine learning or AI (artificial intelligence) or put at risk 4% of your global gross revenues plus 4% of your customer's global gross revenues.
    Learn how to comply with the GDPR for data analytics.
    Join over 3,000 privacy professionals who downloaded the GDPR info documents in the last 60 days.

    We have made the following documents from the GDPR big data webinar available for your use:

  • New: GDPR Industry FAQ (download)
  • IAPP GDPR Data Analytics webinar summary notes and Q&A (download)
  • IAPP GDPR Data Analytics webinar slides (download)
  • IAPP GDPR Data Analytics webinar presentation (streaming replay)
  • White Paper on complying with the GDPR while unlocking the value of Big Data (download)
  • GDPR Data Analytics Infographic (download)
  • GDPR Newsletter

    Anonos does not sell or share your information. Our goal is to provide you with timely, relevant information about big data innovation and, with regard to the GDPR, how to continue to use data analytics and artificial intelligence in a compliant manner.