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It is no longer sufficient for a person to give consent to process data collected via the Internet of Things (IoT) for the data to be used for analytics, machine learning, or artificial intelligence (AI). New regulations consider such consent inadequate engagement/interaction with individuals.

Thankfully, BigPrivacy® preserves and even increases your ability to use data. ​

GDPR Facts
  • Stringent GDPR requirements make relying on “consent�? as a legal basis for data analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence (AI) impractical for technological advances like the Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Due to the lack of engagement/interaction between data subjects and Data Controllers/Data Processors who process personal data via IoT, “consent�? is not enough.
  • GDPR processing obligations and liabilities apply to both:
    • Data Controllers processing personal data; and
    • Data Processors processing personal data on behalf of customers of Data Controllers.
  • Penalties of up to 4% of global gross revenues of Data Processors, plus 4% of global gross revenues of customers of Data Controllers are possible.
  • Data Controllers and Data Processors can be liable for failures of one another to comply with processing restrictions due to GDPR joint and several liability provisions.
  • Companies are forced to deploy unprecedented new technical measures for Data Controllers and Data Processors involved in IoT to have a legitimate “legal�? interest in processing personal data.
BigPrivacy Benefits
  • BigPrivacy technology satisfies GDPR requirements for new technical measures by controlling the linkability of personal data to individual data subjects.
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