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Consent is no longer a legal basis for Big Data under the GDPR!

Only Anonos BigPrivacy satisfies regulatory requirements - watch 2-minute video and sign up for GDPR update newsletter
How Anonos Revolutionizes Data
Unlocking the Value of Big Data

Only BigPrivacy® preserves and even increases your ability to use data by unlocking the value of Big Data.

BigPrivacy® is a patented technology that protects privacy by automatically "Anonosizing" data and actually expands the amount of data available for responsible use.

Benefits By Data Use
Anonos GDPR Compliance image
BigPrivacy benefits

Learn how Anonos BigPrivacy offers many valuable benefits for the specific ways your company uses big data with our downloadable Mini-Guides.

What Industry Leaders Are Saying About Anonos

Anonos GDPR Compliance image

Jules Polonetsky

Future of Privacy Forum, CEO
"Anonos shows there are smart technical and policy solutions that can ensure we gain the benefits of new data uses while avoiding the risks."
Anonos GDPR Compliance image

Martin Abrams

Information Accountability Foundation, Executive Director & Chief Strategist
"Anonos makes effective controls possible that break the stalemate between responsible use and data obscurity."
Anonos GDPR Compliance image

John Wilbanks

Sage Bionetworks, Chief Commons Officer
"The potential to bring technical and organization approaches into data privacy debates that desperately need new concepts."