Anonos® BigPrivacy® Technology Unlocks the Value of Health Big Data

Use of Big Data could generate over $100 billion in annual value across the US health-care system but despite over 80% of US healthcare providers using EMRs, Big Data from EMRs is not available for use due to privacy concerns and lack of interoperability.

The FBI issued an alert about the vulnerability of health data because Protected Health Information (PHI) is now worth more on the black market than credit card data.

  • Data that is dynamically de-identified using BigPrivacy technology overcomes restrictions on health Big Data because it is no longer Protected Health Information (PHI) in the U.S.

  • BigPrivacy dynamically de-identified data supports:
    • Precise data use;
    • Predictive analytics;
    • Artificial Intelligence (AI);
    • Longitudinal analysis;
    • Iterative sampling and analysis; and
    • Data breach/misuse protection beyond data at rest/in transit while in use.

  • Granular enforcement of data sharing restrictions limits data use to permitted purposes and reduces risk of PHI misuse.

  • State-of-the-art technology controls increase accuracy and availability of data for research, obviate requirements to purge/minimize data, support informed consent and enable functional interoperability among heterogeneous data sources.

Watch Anonos Ted Talk on how bigprivacy can save lives and advance research

Watch how Anonos BigPrivacy enforces controlled linkable data to unlock the value of health Big Data.

Download SSRN "Top 10" paper:
Big Data in Healthcare and Life Sciences Anonos BigPrivacy Technology Briefing
(March 2017) by Jonas Almeida, Ph.D., Sean Clouston, Ph.D., Gary LaFever, Ted Myerson, and Sandeep Pulim, MD.