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Due to new legal restrictions, you can no longer move data for purposes of analytics, machine learning or artificial intelligence without adopting new technical measures that obscure data so it's not identifiable outside prescribed areas.

Thankfully, BigPrivacy® preserves and even increases your ability to use data.  

GDPR Facts​
  • Certain countries and customers impose restrictions on the ability to remove identifying data beyond jurisdictional boundaries.
  • Data localization restrictions mean that data necessary for primary data uses (like servicing equipment) and secondary data uses (like data analytics for product improvement, research & development) are unavailable in locations where processing is desired but are located outside of jurisdictional boundaries.
BigPrivacy Benefits​
  • BigPrivacy technology enforces the highest practical level of de-identification for each data use to achieve the optimal balance between the utility of data and the protection of privacy and security of data.

  • Using BigPrivacy controlled linkability, the same data can represent one level of de-identified data to one entity (located within a jurisdiction) and another level to another entity (located outside the jurisdiction), depending on who controls keys necessary to re-identify the data. In this way, the level of identifiability is related to the entity processing the data and/or the location where data processing occurs.

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