About BigPrivacy®

Anonos provides BigPrivacy, the only technology that enables compliance with regulations (like the GDPR and HIPAA) while unlocking the value of big data.

BigPrivacy preserves the value of big data from restrictions imposed by regulations and, in fact, increases its value.
The inability of anonymity to protect individual privacy rights has precipitated new emerging data protection regimes like the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR includes fines up to 4% of global revenue for non-compliance. For a company like Google, the GDPR means an increase of 17,000x from the prior maximum fine for non-compliance, which is now up to $3 billion USD. Currently, the challenge is to comply with regulations while unlocking the value of big data. Anonos BigPrivacy is the only technology solution that does both.

Anonos BigPrivacy was developed through research involving data scientists, computer scientists, engineers and lawyers from around the world. We brought them together to understand the problem and "pain points" that organizations everywhere would face due to the increasing costs, liability, and exposure from collecting, using and sharing identifiable data. The research yielded insights and a solution for protecting privacy while leveraging data that enhances the use of big data by all disciplines that utilize it. We offer patented technology that provides the only optimal solution to complying with data protection regulations. Our solution, BigPrivacy, preserves the value of big data from restrictions imposed by data protection regulations and, in fact, increases its value. By automatically Anonosizing data BigPrivacy actually expands the amount of data available for responsible use.

Since all major companies rely on big data for analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, it's critical that companies start now to enable compliance in a way that protects and increases the irreplaceable value of their big data assets.

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